Data analytics

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Data analytics
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Organisational leaders pursue data analysis activities for range of reasons, such as to identify competitive advantage, or improve customer experience. But deriving meaningful insights—and converting knowledge into action—is challenging. Data analytics supports executives by deriving actionable insights from data.

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We got practical tools to help us in our inventory optimization. The tools created will be used in managing our daily inventory movements. The team was able to transfer all our business requirements into concrete results.

Senior executive, Food & Beverage industry
Scientifically substantiate product sustainability value claims

Extract maximum value from your data to transform workflow

25 % Organizations are ineffective with data-analytics programs
construction industry sustainability

Scientifically substantiate product sustainability value claims

ConstructionCo. needed to find relevant case examples where their customers had been able to achieve both sustainability targets and cost savings using similar products. ConstructionCo.’s potential customers had many alternatives to choose from, and its product had yet to prove its value to the customer from a cost point of view.

Data-driven stock replenishment for higher inventory turnover

Utilize advanced analytics for data driven decision support

5 x Performance boost
food & beverage supply chain

Data-driven stock replenishment for higher inventory turnover

BeverageCo. wanted to utilize a data-driven model to predict optimal order quantity of SKUs. The goal of the project was to support the ordering decision by creating a user-friendly tool to determine the optimal size and reorder level.

Automate price range analysis for new product

Embed the capabilities you need to execute your big data analytics strategy

5 % Higher gains with data analytics
healthcare business development

Automate price range analysis for new product

EquipmentCo. was preparing to launch a strategic product which could fundamentally transform the way the current product line was thought and configured in the industry. To accomplish this, EquipmentCo. sought to identify the pricing range of its existing product suite in different geographies.

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